April 22, 2019

The art of perseverance: How to set your business up for success

He’s back.

After an 11-year dry spell, Tiger Woods clinched his 15th major tournament title – and fifth Masters – last weekend. The win puts an end to a tumultuous decade rife with personal scandal and physical ailments as he rose from the ashes with a TaylorMade 8-iron in-hand.

From Rudy’s victory to Michael Jordan’s NBA return, we all love a good comeback story. Woods’ story is one of dedication and grit, and it’s a great lesson to entrepreneurs looking to be successful in business: Never give up.

The art of perseverance

The very definition of the word “perseverance” implies a delay in achieving success and an overcoming of adversity. As an entrepreneur, it’s no surprise success isn’t always linear and requires hard work.

More than 80% of small businesses fail within the first two years, and Business Insider reports:

  • 82% of small businesses experience cash flow problems
  • 29% of small businesses run out of cash
  • 23% of small businesses don’t have the right team

Whether it’s a lack of capital, a struggle to close deals, or wearing too many hats, there are a myriad of reasons businesses fail. During my 25+ years in sales and business development, I’ve helped companies defy the odds to stand among the 10%.

Teeing your business up for success requires building a pipeline, hiring and training the right sales team, and forging strategic partnerships—and you likely won’t get these advanced skills from a recent college grad.

‘Xcelerate’ success

When Melea McRae and I decided to launch Crux-Xcelerate in 2018, it was a no-brainer. Emerging and small businesses need sales leadership, strategy and execution but often can’t afford the price tag that comes with the experience they seek.

Crux-Xcelerate’s fractional chief sales officer (CSO) services allow startups and SMBs to affordably grow their revenue and scale their business, while minimizing risk for founders, angel investors and VCs by ensuring the companies are financially viable. Clients also have the option to bundle their sales and marketing investment, reaping the rewards of both experienced sales and marketing leadership – and the entire Crux KC team to execute – at a fraction of the cost, instantly doubling the value. McRae explains in a recent blog:

“Sales and marketing are both based on relationships – connections with funding sources, relationships with your audience, and establishing rapport with potential clients … The Crux-Xcelerate team is uniquely equipped to make the right connections for clients at the right level to ensure their success.”

By merging marketing and sales out of the gate, startups and SMBs can receive executive leadership on both sides of the house with a full supporting team—all for less than what it would cost to hire a mid-level sales or marketing person who likely specializes in only a handful of skillsets.

A strategic hole-in-one

No matter what struggle your business is facing, Woods has proven you don’t need to be defined by a rough quarter or a bad hire. With fractional services, it’s possible to get the executive level leadership your organization needs to be in the 10%.

Every entrepreneur deserves a mulligan once in a while. Whether you lack the time to build your own sales team, yearn to be acquired, or need introductions to reach your next funding round, Crux-Xcelerate can help you find the green.

Rick Kahle is co-founder of Crux-Xcelerate, providing a different approach to sales by delivering fractional chief sales officer (CSO) services to emerging and small businesses seeking sales leadership, strategy and execution. Moving forward requires a little speed. Are you ready to put the pedal down? Connect with Rick on LinkedIn or learn more at crux-xcelerate.com.

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