April 05, 2022

Trust the Process: Why Workflow Management Software is Key to Delivering an X-Ceptional Client Experience

What’s the status of the deliverable?
Did you receive my request?
Can you forward me the final project again?

Most organizations are faced with these questions daily. If you’re still using a manual workflow and relying solely on email and chats, there’s no quick and easy way to answer them or know where tasks stand. Oftentimes, this lack of oversight can lead to miscommunication and frustration, when the real issue is a lack of efficient systems.  

According to the HubSpot Marketing Agency Growth Report (2018), lack of processes or organization have kept 18% of agencies from retaining clients, and inefficient time management practices have prevented 55% of agencies from growing their sales and marketing efforts. 

These issues are easily addressed with a strong workflow management system, which we’ve proudly invested in through Function Point. When core operations are clearly defined and run with care, the agency runs smoothly and can focus more on executing and creating wins for you. 

What is workflow management?  

Workflow management is a series of steps we follow to create your marketing deliverables. Simply put: A workflow is a checklist of sequential tasks that your team collaborates on to achieve your desired output. A workflow can outline anything from client onboarding or a 30-60-90-day plan to a social calendar or sales brochures.   

Workflow management is enhanced with software that streamlines and automates repetitive tasks—ultimately, leading to improved efficiency and overall visibility and accountability for you, the client.  

What makes a strong workflow management software?  

Having a single integrated system to organize projects and deliverables, input time against tasks and issue financial reports is key to producing successful deliverables. An online agency project management software like Function Point has a robust list of features that help agencies take care of the details. Below are 5 key features a strong marketing organization needs in its workflow management software to most benefit clients.  

  1. Cloud-Based: Cloud-based technology is essential for productivity, especially in this current work-from-home landscape—allowing your marketing team to service your needs from anywhere at any time.
  2. Task and Workflow Automation: Workflow management software allows your marketing team to templatize tasks so they can complete projects quickly and efficiently, remaining good stewards of your time and your dollars.
  3. Customizable Notifications: A flexible platform accommodates each team member’s working style, allowing them to select notification preferences that work best for them and easily stay up to date on your needs with one single source of truth.
  4. App Integration: Even the best workflow management software can’t do it all. When building out a workflow system, it’s critical to begin with a platform that allows for the integration of other tools and apps to further strengthen our processes. Function Point integrates with QuickBooks accounting software to improve our invoicing and financial reporting—ensuring your invoices are accurate and sent on time.
  5. Reporting Capabilities: With the right KPI’s, our workflow management software helps your marketing team make smarter decisions with strong analytics and reporting capabilities, eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets and allowing us to effectively track the progress and success of your project.

We’ve invested in robust workflow management software that includes these five key features because we understand how imperative it is for projects to run smoothly. In turn, we’re able to offer a more effective process for our team and yours while effortlessly delivering a client experience that matches the quality of our work. 

Experience the benefits of workflow management 

Workflow management software delivers benefits for your marketing team. Contact your account owner today to learn more about our marketing technology stack and to continue making the most of your marketing investment. 

About the author: Crux KC is a Kansas City marketing firm (and the city’s first “un-agency”) that merges executive-level marketing and business strategy to provide a simple, smart and affordable outsourced marketing solution for clients.

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