Staying afloat: How outsourced marketing can serve as your life preserver

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Nothing makes these sweltering summer days more bearable than an afternoon on the lake with the wind in your hair. Whether you’re tubing or cruising on a pontoon, no boating trip is complete without a few sturdy life preservers—the one item you hope to never need but are immensely grateful for in the event of an emergency.

Similar to a life preserver, business owners need systems and strategies in place to weather changing industry landscapes. Read More

The art of perseverance: How to set your business up for success

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He’s back.

After an 11-year dry spell, Tiger Woods clinched his 15th major tournament title – and fifth Masters – last weekend. The win puts an end to a tumultuous decade rife with personal scandal and physical ailments as he rose from the ashes with a TaylorMade 8-iron in-hand.

From Rudy’s victory to Michael Jordan’s NBA return, we all love a good comeback story. Woods’ story is one of dedication and grit, and it’s a great lesson to entrepreneurs looking to be successful in business: Never give up. Read More

Roadmap for success: Effective B2B marketing tactics to grow your business

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved long road trips.

From soaking up the backdrop of a scenic landscape to enthusiastically singing along to Aerosmith on the radio, some of my favorite memories involve a set of wheels.

Long before cell phones and GPS, no road trip was complete without that large paper map that folded into itself more times than a Rubik’s cube. This roadmap was both a puzzle and a lifeline, guiding us along the open road to our chosen destination.

Decades later, I’ve found a similar thrill as an entrepreneur behind the wheel of a small business, navigating through the twists and turns of the industry landscape guided by a strategic roadmap for success. Read More

Gather ‘round, it’s story time: The importance of storytelling in your company marketing 

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I pride myself on my identity as a writer and creator, but that didn’t prevent a little gust of panic the first time I got: 

“Can you tell me a new story, one you made up?  

Until that night, bedtime for our 5-year-old, our oldest, usually included one of his favorite books. Full of good lessons, they were entertaining enough to keep his attention—an easy and effective method of infusing a few life morals into his malleable brain. 

But, make up a story? Staring at his eager eyes, I searched for a starting point. Scary dragon? Talking duck? Then what?  Read More

What’s behind door #3?

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Throughout my 25 years in marketing, business owners have asked me countless times how to best grow and scale their businesses.

As a business owner myself, I understand just how much risk one takes starting and running a company. But whether you own a start-up or an established, mid-sized business, smart marketing is one of the best investments you can make. Read More

For B2B companies, even the smallest brand cue can have a memorable impact

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Coca Cola. Just mentioning the name conjures up images of a flowing script logo, bright red everything, and the contour of a bottle so distinct that, even when broken, the pieces are easily identified. All of these are brand cues embedded in our experience over time. Less evident though is why we feel the way we do – and how Coke manages the cues that create that brand experience.   Read More