SEO Manager

A jack-of-all-trades with more than a dozen years of experience, Dan is Crux’s in-house website wiz. Dan’s unique set of skills help businesses flourish online with innovative design, dev, SEO and PPC strategies with a sharp focus on ROI. His expertise in both coding and digital marketing provide a full suite of services to companies no matter where their current website is in its lifespan.

From the creation of 100+ websites, to numerous successful SEO campaigns lasting 5+ years, to overseeing more than $5 million in cumulative PPC spend, Dan combines years of experience working with companies of all sizes. Driven by a constant thirst for knowledge, Dan helps a diverse array of companies succeed in the highly competitive internet landscape.

When he’s not coding, Dan can be found hiking nearby trails or drafting his next children’s book.


“Making a website is only half the battle. You have to figure out how to get people to it to become customers.”




Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Illinois.






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