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ECCO Select

Founded in 1995, ECCO Select is a talent acquisition and advisory consulting company based in Kansas City. The company serves both the commercial and government sectors with staffing, IT strategy and training.

Despite the work of the company’s three-person marketing team, President and CEO Jeanette Prenger was not satisfied with the team’s progress and wanted to boost ECCO’s external marketing. Hoping to start with a clean slate, Prenger signed Crux to serve as the company’s outsourced marketing arm.

Old Logo
I continue to get compliments. I’m very proud of the ECCO brand and it’s evolution by the Crux team.
Jeanette Prenger, President and CEO, ECCO Select

Our Solution

Crux began by refreshing the ECCO brand and completely re-writing the company’s messaging. That new brand and narrative were implemented in a website re-design, along with a steady drumbeat of fresh content, including regular blogs and press releases. That new content then fueled a stronger social media presence for the company.

Deliverables Include:

Brand Identity & Messaging 
Branded Collateral 
Marketing & Sales Collateral 

Brand Identity
business System
From matching ECCO’s signature purple to updating the logo mark and service lines, Crux established consistency across all materials, including business cards, case studies, ads and pitch decks. This allowed the company to continue building a strong presence in the markets they serve.


As Crux’s first client, the engagement with ECCO Select truly defined the Crux “Third Door” model – an in-house marketing team, outsourced – with a CMO to build the marketing strategy and an experienced team offering executive-level strategy for less than the cost of a marketing manager (let alone an entire internal marketing team).

Crux was able to understand what ECCO was lacking with its previous internal team and conducted monthly meetings and tracked analytics to showcase results. The consistent, integrated approach was a home run for ECCO Select, amplifying its business presence and saving the company more than $300K annually in salaries and benefits. The company’s COO, Darren Prenger, announced in a quarterly company meeting that the company had never had stronger marketing, correlating ECCO’s revenue spikes with the Crux marketing strategy.

Jeanette Prenger agreed, saying she appreciated having an alternative marketing approach: “I believed in Melea and the Crux outsourced marketing model and wanted to support her business as her first client. We still use all the marketing materials and the messaging they created for us, and I continue to get compliments. I’m very proud of the ECCO brand and its evolution by the Crux team.”

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