March 15, 2023

Crux for a Cause, What If Puppets featured in Startland News

The following originally appeared in Startland News:

Going digital during the pandemic was a creative challenge, Henry noted, but it has opened new doors for What If Puppets. The team is now working with businesses to create digital puppetry for clients. Now as part of its business model, the organization will design, build, and perform puppetry for marketing projects for businesses or for other theaters who are using puppets.

“When puppets talk people listen,” [Meghann] Henry added.

With its new mission and vision, What If Puppets underwent a rebranding in November. Now that the organization has established its new identity, Henry noted, it needed help telling its story.

That’s where the Crux for a Cause program comes in, she said.

Read the full story and learn more on Startland News.

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