There’s a better way…
we call it Door #3


Working with ad agencies is challenging. You know you need good, strategic marketing, yet you’re unclear how that investment will justify a return. We’ve walked in your shoes, and we understand your pain.

Our approach is different. We’ll work with you to develop your marketing strategy, and then we’ll implement and execute that strategy for you. We’ll be an extension of your leadership team and serve as your marketing team, providing a strategic voice—in it with you every step of the way.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.


Crux is the answer to defining and implementing your marketing initiatives for far less than the cost of hiring a senior-level marketing executive. 

    • Building your internal marketing strategy and team 
    • Defining your brand identity 
    • Creating messaging that tells your story 
    • Increasing your brand awareness

We’ll develop your marketing strategy based upon your business goals and unique needs/situation, and then deliver an implementable plan to meet those goals. 


We’re all about growth. We’ll work closely with you to:  

    • Establish the metrics of success 
    • Develop strategies toward effective communications and outreach  
    • Implement a smart and customized marketing and business development plan, while defining, tracking and reporting on those efforts


Crux merges executive-level marketing and business strategy with business expertise to provide a simple, smart and affordable marketing solution for our clients to:

    • Solve your marketing, communications and business development challenges
    • Position your business for growth
    • Become your partner who understands your business and your marketing needs

simplifying the process. 

No longer will you need to juggle outside vendors, designers, writers or p.r. folks. Crux will manage all these professionals for you as part of achieving the overall marketing plan for your business. Let us deliver on the specific tactics so you can keep your eye on the bigger picture. 

monthly reporting. 

Our regular check-in meetings will help you stay informed of the overall plan and track the progress month by month with real data that shows real results. These checkpoints allow you to stay informed and easily navigate your marketing investment, without getting stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day details.

no time to waste.

Ready to elevate your brand, create messaging that tells your story, and build your marketing team? Then let’s get started….let us find your crux.